Zambian Politics: Name-calling and talking about the health of each other

2001: Opposition leader Michael Chilufya Sata leads the nation in the campaign against Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and calls him “CABBAGE”

2005: Opposition leader Michael Chilufya Sata calls and later writes the Chief Justice to have a medical investigation of Mwanawasa’s health.

2008: Sata evacuated to South Africa by the MMD government of Levy Mwanawasa

2008: Opposition leader Michael Chilufya Sata lead the nation in the campaign against Rupiah Rupiah Bwezani Banda and calls him “NYAMASOYA”

2010: Opposition leader Michael Chilufya Sata challenges Rupia Bwezani Banda to tell the nation about his knee condition and his travel to South Africa.

2010: Michael Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba evacuated to South Africa

2011: Government media led by ZNBC including Zambia Daily Mail spread false rumor about Michael Chilufya Sata’s health and says: Sata collapses during a campaign trail after disembarking from the Helicopter in Nalolo, Western Province at the height of the campaigns.

2012: Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema joins the politics of name calling and says Sata is Cimbwi No Plan. He gets arrested and charged with defamation.

2012/3 Opposition leaders and online media spread some news of Sata’s evacuation to India for medical treatment. Fred Mmembe dispel rumours in the Post headline and says that he has talked to Sata in India who is enjoying good health

2013: Government-owned Zambia Daily Mail and Post Newspapers spread news that opposition UPND leader’s wife, Mutinta Hichilema, has been evacuated to India. HH’s wife dispel the rumour and says she is enjoying good health. PF cadres get excited with the news.

By Isaac Mwanza