Zambian High Commission in RSA disown Scott, RSA to deal with Sata

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa has reassured the government in Pretoria that diplomatic relations between the two nations will remain strong, according to Clayson Monyela, South African Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesman.
“South Africa noted with regret this negative comment about South Africa attributed to the vice president of Zambia,” said Monyela, referring to a report in the Guardian newspaper.
“What we have received from the Zambia High Commissioner,” continued Monyela, “is that relationship between Zambia and South Africa remains strong, solid, friendly and fraternal and historical. We will seek an explanation from him in terms of what do these remarks mean in the context of our bilateral relations.”
Last week, South Africa summoned Zambia’s ambassador Muyeba Chikonde to explain what were seen as insulting and anti-South African statements attributed to Vice President Guy Scott.