Zambian Eye records 4 Million plus hits in March

Zambian Eye has continued recording a steady growth of readership on both it’s website and Social Media. The Online News that was launched a year ago is recording twice the number of hits to the website every month.

The current statistics released by Founding Editor Owen Miyanza on April 1, 2013 show that the website in March  recorded 4,014,994 hits from 2,435,069 hits in February and 1,287,371 hits in January.

“Despite the Website having been off twice for some hours we have managed to doubled the numbers just like in February,” Miyanza said.

The statistics show that Zambian Eye in March was recording on average 129, 515 hits per day with readers from across the global. Zambia recorded the highest followed by Britain, US and South Africa.

The other countries where the Newspaper is widely read are Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, other European countries and Australia.

In Asia, China, Japan, Russia, and United Arab Emirates.

Zambian Eye is commanding a large readership in many countries in Africa.

“The statistics are quite good and encouraging as you know we have just been around for a year,” Miyanza explained. “In all, this has been possible because of you, our dedicated readers, members, debaters, contributors and advisers. On behalf of the Zambian eye team we use this opportunity thank everyone and humbly ask you to continue spreading the good news.. It is not an easy undertaking but we have to do the job.”

The Founding Editor explained that the situation for online media  in Zambia had some challenges especially sustenance and instilling confidence to the readers and advertisers.

On its Social Media, there has been also a steady increase. Zambian Eye Group as of April 1, 2013 had 12,167 while its fun Page had 3,148 members. The Group is now one of the fastest growing and busiest Social Media platform in Zambia.

“Our forum is one of the busiest platform where people discuss and debate issues concerning the governance of their country. Every 30 seconds there is a post or a comment, its very busy,” explains Zambia Eye Social Media Director Musamba Mumba.

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