Zambian Eye founder summoned to Police via celphone

By Staff Reporter

A Police Officer claiming to be from Woodlands Police Station has telephoned Zambian Eye founder Owen Miyanza and told him to report at the Police station without giving reasons.

Miyanza said the Officer who introduced himself as Joseph Simuchembu telephoned him on Thursday late afternoon, April 25, 2013 at 4:45pm and told him that he wanted to see him from Woodlands Police station.

“Just call this number when you reach Woodlands (Police Station),” he said.

He explains that the Officer could not reveal the reason for the phone-call summon saying would do so after meeting saying he needed to show him something on paper.

” He phoned at 4:45pm from mobile number 0977 476 248 to my private mobile number,” Miyanza said. “I don’t know how even he got my private number.”

The Officer who claimed to know Miyanza asked if he didn’t know an officer by that name from Woodlands Police Station and Miyanza answered to the negative. Miyanza asked the officer to state the reason for his summoning as he found it strange to be just called without a formal summon and just told to report at the Police.

At this point, Miyanza says the Officer sounded getting upset ordering him to cooperate to avoid being arrested like a criminal.  He said the officer told him that he knows how to get him. Miyanza told him that he could not make it at 10am Friday he was required. The Officer then suggested Saturday but Miyanza said was not available until Monday.

The phone-call is said to have lasted for 6.3 minutes.