Zambia wins fourth COSAFA Title

Zambia celebrates after lifting the trophy

Zambia celebrates after lifting the trophy

Zambia has won the COSAFA 2013 Cup after beating defending champions Zimbabwe 2 – 0 in a final match played Saturday at Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola, Zambia.

Below is the commentary by Sports staffer Chimuka Moono Hanyama.

The match started at great take off from the Zambian side. Zimbabwe was merely grappling with pressure which they kept on sucking for the whole first 15 minutes.

Zambia got a goal from Ng’onga who converted a shot from a free kick in the fourth minute of the match. Zambia kept forcing their way through the Zimbabwe defense, but with less tactic. They managed some good chances including a header which hit the cross bar.

Zimbabwe has had spasms of attacks which quickly ended as Zambia squeezed them into defense. They however created good chances from Chigwiro, and Ndolo who gave Zambia defenders business. Munyau also stood on their way by serving two good chances they had created.

Zimbabwe is likely to come with a lot of attacking force in the second half. Zambia need to be tight and careful in the midfield and defense as Zimbabwe is visibly dangerous on target.

The second half started with fire from the Zimbabwe side. They worked hard sending Munyau into continuous calls to duty. Their defense was solid, they dictated the game in the mid filed though they could not easily penetrate the Zambian side.

Zambia continued pressing, but with care in the second half. The Chipolopolo were somewhat weaker in the midfield as they kept losing the balls to Zimbabwe. They however had few chances the major one being a goal scored by Kabaso Chongo from a free kick in the 91st minute.

The fans were mesmerizing. They gave important support to the players. This was part of the force which kept rekindling the fire in the legs of the players.

It was an interesting encounter, though Zimbabwe unfortunately could not convert critical chances at goal. That is soccer. Sometimes, it drives you into frenzy, other times into tears.

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