Zambia: UPND Questions Use of Zaf Planes By PF-Aligned Singers

The opposition UPND has questioned the presence of ruling Patriotic Front aligned singers like Jordan Katembula, JK, Mampi and Kachanana on Zambia Air Force choppers.

In a letter to ECZ chairperson Chulu, the leading opposition party says ferrying politically inclined singers on ZAF choppers was contrary to the Electoral Code of Conduct.

“It has come to our attention that ZAF resources and aircraft are being used for partisan purposes. We have received several photos of PF musicians, dancers and cadres making use of state resources to conduct their campaigns.

“This is a clear case of abuse of office and is illegal under the Electoral Process Act. We call on the ECZ to move quickly to address this violation and punish the guilty parties,” UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka states.

Meanwhile, the UPND says it has not refused to sign the ECZ Peace Treaty, but put conditions to certain terms.


We wish to correct the lies published by state-sponsored media that we refused to sign the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) peace treaty last Friday.

Contrary to these lies we did not refuse to sign the document, but as victims of PF perpetrated violence we requested the inclusion of provisions to sanction those who fail to respect the terms of this latest peace agreement. We requested their inclusion to ensure this agreement has more weight than those signed in the past, which have been quickly discarded by the PF once they have had their photo opportunity. At the meeting it was agreed that an addendum to the agreement would therefore be drafted by the ECZ, in which the rights and obligation of the various parties would be detailed. To date we have yet to receive this draft for further comment.

The UPND has been among those most vocal in calling for a meeting between the parties on this subject. We have consistently denounced violence. We were among the parties to willingly sign the accord after the meeting called by the church mother bodies earlier this year in good faith. In that agreement there were clauses that included requirements for the public media such as ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail to be neutral and non-partisan in providing equal and fair coverage of political parties and other stakeholders. There were also undertakings to provide for equal opportunities in holding of political meetings. The PF has violated these terms and others, without apology.

Source: Zambia Reports