Zambia: UPND Is a Good Example of Shipikisha Club

Life social attributes including politics have taught us that for a citizenry to make it, it has to be optimistic in a number of things. However, in my opinion in most cases this optimism is more individual centred than being group centred. Sometimes we fail because we think we are more smart than others.

I point out this because in most times it is easier to achieve something when you are working as a group or team provided everyone is putting in there best. In time we have seen how groups have achieved a lot of things after working together. Skills, talents, gifts and ideas are key in this regard. However, the most important element is having a collective objective or goal which should make sense and should be attainable.

In our political development we have seen how some groups or should I say political movements and parties have achieved or met their political objectives. The United National Independence Party (UNIP) and other groups or political partners brought us independence.

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and other pressure groups and the social movement brought us multiparty democracy. The Patriotic Front(PF) and those with common ideals brought that respectability and patriotism for us as Zambians. Sense of ownership through infrastructure development has been key to PF. With infrastructure development other social attributes will simply fall in place.

The other point I would like to note is that having a realistic goal helps you as a group to have a good plan of action which will thus help you accomplish that goal. All the parties I have mention had a plan as a group.

Of course their leaders had to share what they longed to attain. Kenneth Kaunda had to share his ideas and ideals to/with UNIP. Fredrick Chiluba had to do the same. So did Michael Sata. These parties had goals, They were not making noise or day dreaming. When your leadership or the party you support is focused and is not just a by the way thing. You feel happy because you enjoy winning.

As I alluded to above when it comes to politics there are many times when not having a good plan of action might just show that you are wasting your time. Your party is just like a team of losers who just stay in a party ukuposako fye inshita(passing time). A party should not be like a Shipikisha Club(you stay no matter how hard it is). False hope of good fortunes to come occupies your minds even if you know that it can not happen.

Looking at our politics in Zambia the United Party for National Development(UPND) and it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema(HH) is a good example of a Shipikisha Club. People are meant to believe that there is a wind of change when there isn’t. The only change they have is Ichimwela chabufi. (false hope) You can’t support a political party that has no chance of winning. I have been talking to UPND cadres and supporters for the past ten years or so. They have the same message-same sentence.

2001-This is our time. 2006-This is our time and HH’s time. 2008-This is our time and HH’s time. 2011-This is our time and HH’s time.PF wins elections after 10 years in opposition.

2015-This is our time and HH’s time. Edgar Lungu become Zambia’s Fifth President at his first attempt.

2016-This is our time and HH’s time. Edgar Lungu to win his full term as President of our country.

What I don’t understand is who believes HH can win elections in Zambia. Tetiawine. The reasons are very simple but some UPND cadres and supporters will not agree to this. When UPND was formed by Anderson Mazoka and others. UPND had a collective objective. It was a team with shared ideals. It was not the shipikisha club that HH has turned it to be or rather into.

Those who have been in UPND or those who have followed politics in the last 15 years you will agree with me that UPND under HH is all about him. Aleisa(He is coming). The question is from where? Kalusaland(Loser’sland)? HH will fix it. Fix what? He has been beaten by Rupiah Banda, Sata and a new comer in President Lungu. What can he fix? Let him first fix how to win as a team. Otherwise Tetiawine full stop.

You can be a leader of a party but it has to be seen as a team first. This is how you attract supporters and genuine sympathisers. Not people who have nothing to do.

If a person wants to have false hope the only party to join is UPND. I have heard people have been promised to be appointed councillors and Executive Mayors/Council Chairpersons. The last time I checked those are elective offices. LOL.

Sometimes I look at some UPND supporters and I pity them. For the past ten years under HH bashipikisha fye. Anyway as they say. If all wishes were horses everyone will be riding. Ba UPND with your Shipikisha Club see you in 2021. Proposed new slog. HH will Ride it. The questions is what? Clue! it is not a horse. LOL

Have a great week.

Source: Zambia Reports.