Zambia: UPND Happy With ECZ Transperency

The opposition UPND has described as commendable the transparency that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is so far exhibiting prior the August elections.

The UPND says it particularly commends the ECZ for allowing observers into its restricted results receiving rooms for the first time in the history of the country.

UPND Campaign Manager Dipak Patel says his party encourages and urges the ECZ to do more in order to increase transparency in the electoral process and calm public anxiety.

Patel says the UPND is calling upon the ECZ to also make public information concerning when, where, and how all election materials are arriving.

He says this is what his party thinks would be in line with the process for ballot papers for which his party and other observers have in place.

Patel states that the UPND is of the view that there should further a clearly set out process of inspection for all materials with representatives from all the contesting political parties.

He notes that the ECZ should additionally allow independent observers to travel on all plans and helicopter that will transport ballot papers and the results thereafter it is truly to committed to transparency.

Source: Zambia Reports.