Zambia: ‘Thin On Resources’ Kalusha Endorses President Lungu

Kalusha Bwalya, the losing FAZ presidential candidate, has endorsed President Edgar Lungu ahead of the August 11 general election.

According to a statement released in Lusaka today, Kalusha says President Lungu belongs to a winning team and there was, therefore, no need to change it.

The 1988 African Footballer of the Year has recently been associated all the wrong things in football ranging from corruptly obtaining about US $80, 000 from Qatar to stealing FAZ money.

He has also been known to chew player transfer fees. Now that Kalusha is not in football administration at local level, he is looking for economic survival through politics where he hopes some well-wishers can be lining his thin pockets as he infamously was quoted by the Sunday Times of the UK when he went on a corrupt mission to Qatar.


17th July 2016, Lusaka – Kalusha Bwalya also known as “The Great Kalu” has placed his full weight behind President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his Patriotic Front (PF) ticket which he has described as “The Winning Team” ahead of the crucial polls set for August 11.

The African Footballer of the Year of the year also fondly known for wining Zambia its first and only ever grandiose Africa Cup Title in 2012 has appealed to Zambians to support President Lungu by turning up in huge numbers to vote for him.

“In soccer we say ‘you do not change the winning team,” Mr Bwalya said, “President Edgar Lungu has shown true leadership qualities, his humility for instance is too humbling and it makes him approachable to many Zambians… that is what we need in a leader instead of arrogance and contempt towards ordinary people. President Lungu ‘walks the walk and talks the talk’.”

Mr Bwalya said, as a soccer administrator, he has “never worked with a better President than President Edgar Lungu and I mean no disrespect for his predecessor. President Lungu is just special in the way he treated and continues to treat the boys. He is their greatest confidence booster.”

This is the first time Bwalya, the long serving former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President, Chipolopolo Captain and probably the most prolific goal thief Zambia has ever had has openly made what can ostensibly be called a political statement.

“I (Kalusha Bwalya) like to steer clear off politics completely but my personal knowledge of President Lungu has made it extremely easy for me to publicly state that I support him and I beseech all right thinking Zambians to back him fully because he is a tested leader, a humble leader and a tenacious President who means good for this country. Please vote for him,” Mr Bwalya said.

The Presidential race ticket, on a national level, is crowded with about a dozen aspirants including President Edgar Lungu but Mr Bwalya said, “I humbly think I know how to pick a Winner and out of that crowded space, President Lungu makes the most sense President Lungu makes it beyond the finish line without a foul in my experienced view is a person who has been privileged enough to pick a winning team before.”

The Great Kalu endorsement has been welcomed by others such as Mr Given Lubinda, the Agriculture Minister who is also a key member of the PF Campaign Team,

“Mr Kalusha Bwalya, the most known person outside Zambia aside from probably Dr Kenneth Kaunda and President Lungu himself has a huge and massive constituency as a man who won Zambia its first ever Africa Cup,” Mr Lubinda said, “his decision to back the Lungu candidature is a decision that must be taken seriously by all Zambians because The Great Kalu has a history of winning and picking Winners.”

Mr Lubinda said what makes the Kalusha endorsement doubly important is the fact that the soccer maestro–Soccer is probably the biggest ‘religion’ in Zambia after Christianity–is an independent person not looking for a job in government or indeed seeking government favour.

Mr Bwalya said President Lungu and his PF team have embarked on a path of development that shall help create jobs as they roll out roads, hospitals, schools and railway lines.

“The infrastructure roll out in my view is a winner for President Lungu because the results benefit everyone including those opposed to him because they have to drive on roads in order to do their campaigns… President Lungu means well.”

Mr Bwalya joins a growing list of heavy weights backing President Lungu including people like former vice President Enock Kavindele, the Rev Dan Pule, billionaire business man Captain Austin Chewe, President Rupiah Banda and many more.

President Lungu has on the other hand continued his call for peace and a violence free election, a decision opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has arrogantly refused.

Source: Zambia Reports.