Zambia: ‘Thin On Resources’ Kalu Joins Political Campaign… Eyes PF Job

Former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya has gone beyond just endorsing President Edgar Lungu and joined the campaign trail as he hunts for his next cash cow.

The fallen soccer star had banked on FAZ being his honey-pot for another four years but was shown the door by councillors in March when business magnate Andrew Kamanga won the elections.

Bwalya is facing corruption charges by the Anti Corruption Commission and also is one of the officials named in the infamous FIFA bribe scandal that saw the fall of Sepp Blatter and his corrupt clique.

Bwalya served in FAZ from 2004 when he became vice president and subsequently served two terms as president and was gunning for a third term when councillors halted him for corruptly running the organization that he turned into his cash cow through shady deals.

He recently pleaded to be given audience by President Edgar Lungu where he is lobbying to be given a position if the Patriotic Front wins.

Bwalya is part of the campaign team in Central Province where President Lungu is pressing his case for re-election.

He is also hoping that the corruption charges against him at the ACC can be dropped.

Source: Zambia Reports.