Zambia: Tayali – Quit Abusing the Body of Mapanzi for Political Capital

Who would want his or her body displayed around social media the way UPND is abusing the body of this young lady?

Let’s imagine I, or HH was shot, would our relatives want to see our bodies paraded in the manner this lady is being used for political advancement in this campaign?

This is unacceptable to human nature. Who is pleased to see this body around if not only UPND.

Are the UPNDs telling us something about the death of this girl? Could they have killed her for this very reason?

The UPND have even stopped talking about their 10 points since this young lady was killed.

It looks like, thy have found the best campaign message than the 10 points.

Could it be that the 10 points was not selling and they had to go to the extreme to have someone killed to enhance their campaigns.

Please stop this abuse of this lady, it is enough that she died innocently when HH could have prevented this misfortune.

I am speaking for the vulnerable who can’t express how they are abusing her in her death.

Source: Zambia Reports