Zambia risks experiencing a bigger political revolution than Egypt – Chipimo Jr

PF cadre Chipili trying to call his fellow cadres at Mano Radio Station

PF cadre Chipili trying to call his fellow cadres at Mano Radio Station

Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Elias Chipimo Jr. has warned that the revolution in Zambia would be bigger than in Egypt if oppressing of people’s freedom remains abetted.

Speaking from Kasama in Northern province on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 after some ruling Patriotic Front (PF) cadres  blocked him from featuring on a local radio station, Chipimo Jr urged the Police to stop the rot. He warned that if nothing is done to stop the  oppression of people’s freedom one day the Security wings will woke up in a rude shock when people will say enough is enough.

“The Police will woke up to a rude shock to a revolution bigger than Egypt,” warned Chipimo Jr.

He said it was an unacceptable that cadres of the governing party would stop a leader of the opposition from appearing on a community Radio Station. Chipimo Jr. explained that the Community Radio station are established with a view for people to have information.

On Wednesday morning, Chipimo Jr. was physically harassed by a group of PF cadres when he tried to speak on Radio Mano.

The NAREP leader said the person only identified as Chipili who blocked him was calling himself a PF  big fish. He said that the same big fish claims to be operating on behalf of the ruling party.

The ruling party cadres have been harassing politicians including journalists whom they perceive to be anti-PF on most occasions.

The PF cadres also  blocked Alliance for Better Zambia President Father Frank Bwalya recently when he tried to feature on  a named radio station in Kitwe.
The cadres also pour opaque beer on the ABZ President which he later described as baptism.