Zambia Railways launch a midweek train service from Livingstone to Lusaka

ZAMBIA Railways Limited (ZRL) has launched a midweek train service from Livingstone to Lusaka with a pledge to restore the lost glory in the railway sector.
ZRL chief executive officer Clive Chirwa said his organisation would work hard to bring back its lost glory by improving the livelihood of Zambians.
Prof Chirwa said he was disappointed with the quality of coaches that were currently transporting human beings.
He was speaking in Livingstone on Wednesday afternoon during the launch of a midweek train service for Livingstone to Lusaka route.
Prof Chirwa said the launch of the midweek train service was a step in the improvement of the railway systems in the country.
“This is the beginning of the way forward on how we can start the reconstruction process of our company.
We need to bring Zambia railways to its lost glory. The quality of coaches transporting human beings is extremely disappointing.