Zambia Railways crisis: Sata must explain!

By Musamba Chama Mumba

We have played our part and done enough condemnation of Prof. Clive Chirwa’s lack of uluse (mercy). Personally I based mine on what he exposed himself on during the two interviews he held Sunday evening, April 21, 2012 not from the allegations made by the dissolved board members.

Like I always allude to Lesa Tabepwa (God can’t be cheated). The dissolved board’s press briefing and Prof. Chirwa’s interview has exposed a few things that Zambians serious need to question their president over:

Like someone has said instead of us condemning Prof. Chirwa!!

“Firstly, it is best to identify the problem, note what has caused it and find a solution.

Secondly, we should understand the functions of the Board of Directors and that of the Chief Executive Officer.”

So for me Musamba, the source of the problem is the person that hired Prof Chirwa, and my questions are:

1. Why did you Mr. Michael Sata solely or single handedly appoint and sign Prof. Chirwa’s contract?

2. Did you clearly read and understand the conditions Prof. Chirwa was asking for and if they will be inline/sustainable with what Zambia Railways Limited  (ZRL) can afford?

3. Did you hire him because you believed he could turn around ZRL or it was for political reasons to get at the opposition, especially the UPND? If so why are you hell bent on wasting our money settling personal vendettas instead of developing the nation?

4. Do you Mr. Sata still believe in a Pro-Poor approach to running the government you preached about while in opposition, accountability, transparency and above all respect for corporate law and procedure?

5. Why did you choose to appoint a CEO first? When a board of directors should have been put in place first, thereafter the board should have appointed the CEO.

6. Lastly but not the least, Prof. Chirwa has claimed some of your ministers live at Fallsway Park costing tax payers not less than K40Million per month for each Minister in rentals. If indeed this is true!! How come you Mr. Sata has allowed that when our economy cannot sustain such extravagance and exorbitant selfish spending. I thought PF was brought in power to put an end to such nonsense.

Conclusion: For once in your life time Mr. Sata as a politician learn to accept your mistakes, honour up and take the responsibility to correct them instead of creating more confusion and anarchy for the blame to fall on others.

You should have not single handedly hired Prof. Chirwa at such an exorbitant price that Zambia cannot afford if truly and genuinely you care for the poor Zambians suffering you claim too.