Zambia Procurement Summit: Defence driving course introduced

Sakala (l) following the deliberations

Sakala (l) following the deliberations

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) has started a course in defensive driving to prevent accidents in spite of incorrect actions by other road users, adverse effect of road conditions or the weather, reports Zambian Eye reporter, Lameck Phiri.

CILT president, Milton Sakala, was speaking at the on going Zambia Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2014 held at Cresta Golf View hotel in Lusaka.

Sakala said his institute has designed a course in defensive driving directed to all fleet owners and public service operators.

He said the course will reduce road accidents as it will enhance road safety.

Cairo RoadHe said the characteristics of defensive driving include ensuring that defensive driving becomes an attitude and ensuring that there is systematic driving by checking the mirror, indicating when necessary and how to manoeuvre on certain roads.

‘‘A defensive driver is prepared to yield his or her right of way. It is also about creating time and space around the vehicle, in other words, time to see a problem developing and space in which to react, ’’ he said.

Mr Sakala wondered why companies in the transport sector spend more on buying fleet but do little to prevent accidents which are costly on the part of the company.