LUSAKA– Zambian President Edgar Lungu has reminded diplomats appointed to various countries to bear in mind that he reserves the right to hire and fire.

The President says those appointed in the foreign service should not resist when they are recalled or deployed elsewhere.

Lungu says it is sad that some people are alleging that diplomats being recalled are those linked to a former minister.

Diplomats should know that the power to hire and fire is vested in the head of state, the President said when he swore in Frank Bwalya as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia.

Lungu further urged Bwalya to work hard and see what Zambia can learn from Australian rich mining history.

He encouraged Bwalya to continue being Godly as he saves the people of Zambia.

Bwalya told ZNBC News in an interview that he will push President Lungu’s agenda of development during his tour of duty.

He said the head of state wants to improve the standard of living for the people hence the need for diplomats to help.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has urged community leaders in Central Province to take to task their Members of Parliament on stalled projects in the region.

He said community leaders should take a proactive role in ensuring that development projects are completed within the stipulated timeframe.

He said opposition Members of Parliament have a mandate to ensure that development is taken to the people by interacting with relevant ministries.

The President said this when he visited the construction site for the Chibombo Main Police station which has been under construction since 2015.

He said it is unfortunate that some MPs do not want to work with the government despite being voted to serve the interests of Zambians.

The Head of State said the PF administration is committed to ensuring that all projects are completed even in opposition strong holds.

President LUNGU also toured the Jubilee Highway Market.

He said it is important that the 2,000 marketeers work in a decent environment to prevent the diseases.