Zambia: Predictions – Mulenga Sata to Suffer Humiliating Defeat in Kabwata

Kabwata Constituency is of those that traditionally provides part of the barometer of the political atmosphere in Lusaka.

The 2016 race does not look any different, as the loosened social atmosphere provided by Kabwata provides a lot more indication as to where the election may tilt. With the rest of the province still a lot blurred in terms of where the balance is, in Kabwata there does not seem many prizes for guessing. Given Lubinda is headed for a fourth term at the helm of the constituency with the UPND candidate Mulenga Sata likely to suffer a humiliating defeat.

GIVEN LUBINDA (Patriotic Front)

Over the years in political terms, Given Lubinda has had a foothold on Kabwata Constituency. This year does not seem different. So at home has Lubinda been with the Kabwata community that on three political party tickets since 2001, the electorates have picked him over everyone else. Making his debut under the UPND banner in 2001, Lubinda bounced back under the ULP/PF ticket in 2006 before going fully PF in 2011. And now gunning for the fourth term as Kabwata MP, the seat decidedly already seems like his to lose. Even the little undercurrents caused by the sometimes fractious adoption process have done little to dent his popularity. He is literally one of those model Members of Parliament that can render reality to the “Sonta doctrine” as in Kabwata development is visible. There are few constituencies where the roads are more visible than Kabwata where Chilimbulu and Burma roads are the envy of other constituencies. Even the most vicious of his critics have to admit that his re-election is guaranteed. And it is most likely to come with a loud bang.

EMMANUEL TEMBO (Independent)

Initially a hopeful to unseat Lubinda through the adoption process in the ruling Patriotic Front but was overlooked. Tembo has perhaps provided more challenge through irritably poking at Lubinda than realistically pushing his bid for change in Kabwata. He has used the idealistic model of making noise through the media and branding anything in sight rather than packaging a well thought out plan for change. He has also emerged as one of those Independent candidates claiming they are campaigning for President Edgar Lungu but de-campaigning PF parliamentary candidates. Credit to him he has put up posters in most visible fronts in Kabwata but ultimately it is an exercise that looks set to gain more credit for participation than providing a real challenge. Perhaps, a little too full of hot air than real substance!


The brother is not even present to campaign for himself in Kabwata Constituency, where anybody dreaming of unseating Lubinda would surely know it won’t happen without putting up a fight. Maybe he believes the Sata brand could nail it for him without dripping any sweat but it can never be easy. Even the late father had to abandon Kabwata for rural Zambia when the temperature hit boiling point. There is also very little the brother can point to in pressing his case for Kabwata other than being late President Michael Sata’s son. In truth voters may be going to the polling both guessing if Mulenga had withdrawn his candidature or not having not gone to campaign.


Maiko Zulu is a very recognizable face on the national realm of things for his works as a musician of the Rastafarian mold and rights activist. Formerly Saint Michael, Zulu presents a curious choice for the people of Kabwata where in the social fabric he is loved and respected, but as to whether his call to join the parliamentary race is held in the same esteem may be a wild guess. Zulu though is not one to be weighed down that easily exudes an air of someone sure of what they are gunning for. Well, he may just be the dark horse in this race with some mischievously suggesting the dreadlocked Zulu could have been on the ballot of the Green Party ticket.

Source: Zambia Reports