Zambia: Prediction – UPND’s Brian Chitafu Set to Win Kafulafuta

UPND’S Brian Chitafu could return as Member of Parliament for Kafulafuta Constituency despite being an absent Member of Parliament since he was elected.

The race seems to be getting tight with the Ruling patriotic Front’s Joseph Kabamba and Independent candidate George Mpombo giving a good chase for the parliamentary seat.

Five candidates are fighting for the parliamentary seat with the other two being Benson Mutowe of the Forum for Democracy and Development FDD and Independent candidate Jeffrey Mulebwa.

Brain Chitafu – United Party for National Development (UPND)

One of the boring parliamentarians ever sent to parliament and continues to ride on the popularity of the party in the area, his first years in parliament had nothing to write home about but he still commands authority in this year’s election in Kafulafuta Constituency.

His contribution to parliament after being elected made no impact in Zambia’s political circles while his adoption raised a lot of eyebrows from those that challenged him at party levels but regardless of the background, Chitafu still stands a better chance to win the seat.

The Community still loves the party and will go on to vote him despite his little contribution to bettering the lives of the people in his constituency.

Joseph Kabamba – Patriotic Front (PF)

Trying out his luck to break the jinx of grabbing the seat from the opposition political party but will have to struggle to put his name on the mark. The lamba land still remains an opposition stronghold and Kabamba has very little chance to unseat already settled Chitafu.

George Mpombo – Independent candidate

The spoiler in the game, one may want to call him that way, his political career seems to be on the rocks as he is still failing to make it despite him forming a political party of his own, immediately after disbanding his political one would have thought it was the end of his political career but he has gone ahead to re-contest the seat he held several years as an independent candidate.

Mpombo may have lost it but he will split the votes as he continues to have a following of his own in the constituency that houses his farms. Others still fighting to lead the people in Kafulafuta constituency but stand no chance includes Benson Mutowe of the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) and Independent candidate Jeffrey Mulebwa.

Source: Zambia Reports.