Zambia: Prediction – UPND Have Chilanga Within Good Reach

The Chilanga seat is in many ways a battle of pride for the ruling Patriotic Front and the opposition United Party for National Development. In a way the two parties are throwing everything to claim this seat that the MMD has not contested despite having been the incumbent. The former MMD candidate has resurfaced in UPND colours at the very last minute. This is a constituency that is within good reach for the UPND


Not a stranger to the ins and outs of Chilanga politics having served as Member of Parliament from 2001 to 2006. He also had another stint later on when incumbent Ng’andu Magande resigned from MMD in 2008 after losing his bid to succeed late President Levy Mwanawasa. However in 2011 Moono lost his seat when he re-contested under the opposition United Party for National Development. Now he is back in PF colours having ditched the UPND. Not exactly a very popular candidate anymore with the Chilanga community but may hope to ride on the PF strength that wanes on the southern most end of Lusaka the further you drift from the Central Business District. Moono’s candidature for the PF will be a troubled one and if the PF base does not hold, he may just kiss goodbye to parliament. A very long shot for the Patriotic Front unless the presidential magic can save the day.


Another confusing candidacy for the people of Chilanga as it does not represent any revolutionary change. Mukata won the 2011 elections on the MMD ticket and accepted a deputy ministerial job at Ministry of Justice under the ruling Patriotic Front. Now his movement has just got more confusing having resurfaced under the UPND hoping to tap into the strength of the opposition vote that seems strong in Chilanga.

Mukata’s is fighting a little too hard but given the ease with which he trades his loyalty, the people of Chilanga may have some doubts voting for him. His DNA is definitely not UPND and seems to have opportunistically jumped on board the red team. The tide favours the UPND in Chilanga.


The rest may not have so much of a chance to topple the top two but could have a say over the final count in terms of splitting the count.

Source: Zambia Reports.