Zambia: Prediction – It’s a Close Race for Masumba in Mufumbwe – ‘Dancer MP’ Not Guaranteed Return

Mufumbwe Constituency is back in flames with two contenders going in head to head in the battle to represent the parliamentary seat after the 11th august, 2016.

Five candidates are running for the parliamentary seat with Steven Masumba of the Patriotic Front leading the pace while United Party for National development (UPND) candidate Elliot Kamwendo following in closely.

The Forum for Democracy and Development are fielding Lapson Kayombo while the other two contesting as independent candidate are Davies Mbalau and Watson Kyakilika.

However it must be stated here that the race for the parliamentary seat seems to be one of those tightly contested as the two rivals get back to the people as they did in 2011 when Masumba won the seat under the MMD beating his rival who stood on the UPND by just 59 votes.

Steven Masumba – Patriotic Front Candidate

A young and energetic politician who gave the Patriotic Front a first seat in North Western could face have faced a major setback in his political career after being convicted of forgery, but still remains a favourite for many people in Mufumbwe Constituency.

It may not have been easy to bounce back after spending months in jail and later pardoned, the young and energetic Masumba has had his own best moments of having delivered to the people of Mufumbwe.

After being elected under the MMD, he later on joined the ruling party and was as well out to a serious test but managed to defeat Stafford Mulusa the UPND’s candidate then who is now contesting in Solwezi Central.

Masumba’s strength lies in the hands of the voters as the Patriotic Front remains unpopular in North Western Province.

Elliot Kamondo – United Party for National Development (UPND)

He is a serious challenger in the race and all things being equal, he stands a chance of winning the seat come 11th August, 2016. Kamondo, a former Mufumbwe Member of Parliament for only months, gets back this time looking more serious to unseat the incumbent who seems to have put up a good foundation.

Kamondo seems to be getting things right and the popularity of the party in the constituency could just guarantee his return to Manda Hill, not living anything to chance the race remains tight and the one to get will have to sweat for every vote in the remaining days.

The other candidates who include the Forum for Democracy and Development FDD’s Lapson Kayombo and other two independent candidates Davies Mbalau and Watson Kyakilika remain passengers in the race to Manda Hill.

Source: Zambia Reports.