Zambia: Prediction – Defeat Beckons for Masebo in the Chongwe Re-Match

It will be an opportunity for a re-match between candidates whose contest was controversial in many respects in 2011. Winner Japhen Mwakalombe then of the then ruling MMD beat Sylvia Masebo of the opposition Patriotic Front but resigned days after being declared winner in mysterious circumstances. He was sent into foreign mission as a reward for his gesture to have Masebo back in Parliament. Now the duo is back in different colour shades to finally settle the duel.


Mwakalombe is back hoping to finally reclaim his place in parliament that he sacrificed five years ago. Similarly this time he has the backing of the incumbent president who may have something of a close eye in Chongwe. Mwakalombe has spread himself hard calling on every little ounce of support that came for him in 2011. A vote for him may seem a direct verdict on the people of Chongwe on President Edgar Lungu who has personally reached out to them. Mwakalombe has made a personal gamble having traded his diplomatic position for the promise of parliament. He will have to dig a lot deeper to finally get his wish. It will be very close.


Going for a record fourth time for a seat she has personalised over the last 15 years. Masebo has even had the luxury to come under different colour shades and still claimed victory on the last three counts. However the loss to Mwakalombe that was diplomatically reversed should have sent warning signals that perhaps there was a limit to which she could draw from the goodwill of the constituents of Chongwe. Her star has been fading as she has become more visible in newspapers and talk shows than getting the job done in Chongwe. Levels of dissent have been getting louder in Chongwe and a loss is looking very likely for the former Zambia Republican Party, MMD and PF member who now comes in UPND colours.


Like his forename suggests Chulu is in a David versus Goliath moment and will at least add the FDD flavour to the contest. Otherwise the brother man is a no hopper in this race

Source: Zambia Reports