Zambia Police use live ammunition to quell UNZA demonstrations, student shot, police dispute

An unidentified student from UNZA was last night shot by police during student demonstrations over meal allowances.
UNZA students last night took to the streets to demonstrate against delays in paying their full meal allowances.
And Eyewitnesses have confirmed to Power FM News that a male student who is in his third year was shot at by police who used live ammunition to quell the demonstrations.
The student sustained a fracture affecting both the tibia and the fibula.
The student was due to undergo surgery this morning at UTH.
The student movement has strongly condemned the Zambia Police Service for using live ammunition against unarmed students within campus grounds.
But Lusaka Police Chief Joyce Kasosa disputed the account of from the eyewitnesses and maintained that no one was shot during the UNZA operation last night.
“We don’t use live arms when controlling the situation at least in Lusaka. We have a policy not to go to such situations with live ammunition.