Zambia: Peace Can’t Be Kept By Force, Says Fisho Mwale

Lusaka independent mayoral candidate Fisho Mwale has urged Zambians to safeguard peace as the country goes to the polls on August 11.

Mwale, who previously served as Lusaka mayor under the MMD government, has also urged Zambians to march for peace in a procession organised by the Law Association of Zambia.


Today we resume the campaigns in Lusaka and Namwala. I want to remind all of us that peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding. We need to understand each other as politicians and supporters and ALWAYS respond with love when attacked.

This is the surest way we can maintain peace and live in harmony. I urge you to get involved in peace building and join the “LAZ March for Peace” this afternoon.

Source: Zambia Reports