Zambia now deeply meddling in Zimbabwe politics – Zim Media

The Zimbabwean Mail reports President Robert Mugabe met the beleaguered Zambian Vice President Mr Guy Scott at State House in Harare yesterday to finalise the and agreement for his party to import 150 000 tonnes of maize from that country which will be used for campaign.
Last year The Zimbabwe Mail reported that Zambian Food Reserve Agency (FRA) signed a US$42.5 million contract with a shadowy Zimbabwean company linked to State Security agency CIO, Sakunda Trading of Zimbabwe for the sale of 300, 000 metric tonnes of maize in a deal believed to be a secret pact between President Mugabe and his Zambian counter-part Michael Sata.
Zambian President Michea Sata has pledged his backing for Robert Mugabe re-election.
FRA public relations officer Mwamba Siame has said in a statement issued in Lusaka that the sale of the 300,000 metric tonnes of maize to Zimbabwe will reduce the surplus stock kept by the agency to 330, 435 metric tonnes.