Zambia: M’membe Banks On Cartel Friendly Malila to Save the Post


Troubled Post Newspapers Editor Fred M’membe has sought the help of user friendly Supreme Court judge Mumba Malila in his bid to salvage what remains of the debt ridden publication.

Malila who was recently elevated to Supreme Court judge is one of the judges M’membe was using on the bench then at the High Court to get favourable decisions.

M’membe, Malila and the Nchito brothers (Mutembo and Nchima) has been meeting to hammer out a legal route to dodge paying the bulk of the K53 million tax debt The Post Newspaper owes the Zambia Revenue Authority.

Malila who was gifted the position of Attorney General by the then remote controlling cartel under President Michael Sata has remained a low key member of the cartel with his decisions at the bench tilted toward The Post Newspapers.

M’membe has called on every legal favour owed to him in his legal gymnastics to dodge paying taxes.

The route of the Revenue Tribunal has so far drawn a blank following the Supreme Court (the final court of appeal) decision to order that M’membe just pays.

M’membe recently complained that judges who granted favourable decisions to The Post had been victimised or by-passed for promotion, confessing to having plants in the judiciary.

Under late President Sata, The Post had enjoyed a freehand in the judiciary with any judges who crossed their path suffering the consequences as happened with Judge Nigel Mutuna.

M’membe is still getting used to the idea of losing grip on the control of the judiciary.

Source: Zambia Reports