Zambia: Misa Blames Media for ‘Petty Politics’

Failure by the media to set public agenda has been cited as one of the reasons why politics in Zambia have become so petty.

The Media Institute of Southern Africa ( MISA) is concerned that the media has allowed politicians to take its role of determining what the public agenda should be at a given time.

MISA Zambia Chapter chairperson Helen Mwale says this explains why instead of bringing out real issues affecting the ordinary Zambians, the media has concentrated on capturing verbal fights of politicians.

Mwale says that this is not however what her organization thinks journalism is all about.

She says journalism is about reporting about issues that will help people make informed decisions as well improve their well-being.

Mwale says MISA is therefore disappointed that from the time the date for this year’s general elections was announced the media in the Country has failed to capture such issues.

Source: Zambia Reports.