Zambia: Miles Says ‘PF Militia’ Ready to Kill to Stay in Power

The militia Miles Sampa and Wynter Kabimba created in the ruling Patriotic Front are back to haunt them. Miles, who is one of the UPND campaigners, says the PF militia is ready to kill in order to maintain power.

Sampa says in a statement he alongside Major Richard Kachingwe were attacked by the alleged PF militia. He stated that the PF militia were ready to mutilate Zambia and its people for the sake of maintaining their hold on power.

“I feel sad that Zambia is on the chopping board and these militias have rock and pangas to mutilate it for the sake of power. For some of us, there is life and we are still Zambians, with or without power. There is, however, this group of youths cultivated in the last one year and indoctrinated that their lives start and end with maintaining power at all costs in these elections.

“These youths are far worse than the UNIP vigilantes or the 2011 MMD thugs. The current thugs are militias, they are ready to kill and kill anyone for that matter just to keep power. I am sad because they are ready to kill and willing to start a civil war for the sake of power,” Sampa stated.

He stated that his experience in Nakonde made him realise what would happen after August 11 should the elections be mishandled.

“I feel very sorry and sad not for myself but my country Zambia. My episode in Nakonde brought me to reality of what is on menu post elections. These 10 to 15 thugs in a black Toyota surf without number plates parked on the roadside slightly after Nakonde town waited for us. There was heavy traffic and as soon as they saw our car, the PF cadres mounted a quick roadblock.

They let the truck in front park and then they mounted a human shield in front of our car as others surrounded it with heavy, well-cleaned stones in their hands. One amongst them was a woman who was even less compromising. We were kept hostage for about five minutes as we tried to negotiate our way out,” stated Sampa.

“Next, they smashed the rear windscreen with their hand held missiles and before they could come to the front window, we sped off and risked hitting those in front.”

Source: Zambia Reports