Zambia: Mansa Clergy Calls for Peace

A CATHOLIC Bishop has called for peaceful campaigns in the remaining days up to the August 11general elections.

At the ordination, Government was represented by Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya.

Patrick Chisanga of Mansa Diocese urged people to approach the election with peace as it was a democratic right.

He said it was important for people to keep in mind that each vote was important to determine whose ushered into office.

He was speaking at the weekend during the ordination of four priests at Mansa parish.

“I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to go out on August 11 to vote for their preferred candidates, it is a privilege to vote because in other countries that right is denied,” Bishop Chisanga said.

He said people should go out in numbers to vote as each vote was significant in the outcome of the election results.

Bishop Chisanga urged politicians to preach peace and the one Zambia one Nation slogan to enhance the spirit of oneness, especially during this election period when people had different political affiliations.

He also called on people not to shun the Referendum, but cast their vote on August 11 as it was an important document.

Source: The Times of Zambia.