Zambia: ‘Honour Pledges to Malaila’

THE Malaila traditional ceremony organising committee has appealed to well-wishers and organisations that pledged support for the hosting of the fundraising dinner in preparation for the ceremony on September 17 to honour their pledges.

The fundraising dinner which was to be held on July 25 has since been postponed to August due to inadequate funds.

Malaila traditional ceremony fundraising committee chairperson, Musonda Mushota said the committee was hopeful that the well-wishers and others would live up to the their promise.

Mr Mushota, however, said the committee was disappointed about the postponement but was quick to state that the event would take place next month.

He said that as children of the Chishinga tribe , the current generation had to be grateful to their forefathers who had helped them create history and it was their duty to contribute towards fulfilling of the annual Malaila ceremony.

He said President Edgar Lungu was expected to grace the dinner.

Mr Mushota added that the aprt from financial support, the organising committee was also accepting any material contributions.

Source: The Times of Zambia.