Zambia: Hichilema Urges Supporters to Ignore Referendum

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema returned to Lusaka and held a well-attended rally at Twashuka Ground in Kanyama at which he told his supporters to ignore the referendum on the ballot.

Hichilema says there is no point to vote for the referendum on the Bill of Rights because the ruling Patriotic Front government refused to give the people a people driven constitution.

The opposition leader accused the ruling party of manipulating the constitution by removing certain clauses like the proportional representation electoral system, cabinet outside parliament and provincial assemblies.

Hichilema wondered why the PF are now introducing the referendum during election time. He said the referendum was a gimmick by the PF to steal votes.

The UPND fears that supporting the referendum is a natural campaign in favour of the PF and has told its supporters in Southern Province where they are guaranteed for a close to 90% vote because of lineage to ignore the referendum.

Hichilema hopes the result of the Referendum will fail to meet the 50% threshold as per constitutional requirement and will, therefore fall off.

The UPND campaign team described the Kanyama rally as successful.


UPND Holds Successful Kanyama Rally

This afternoon we felt the winds of change blow across Lusaka as we joined our friends and supporters in Kanyama for a rally at Twashuka Grounds.

I would like to thank everyone who came. It is exciting to see that every time we’re here there are more and more people joining us. Remember, there is no upper limit on UPND membership so please join us and help move Zambia forward.

In return for your vote on 11th August I am promising you hardworking and action-orientated leadership that does not run away from problems or hide from the people. I will be focused on delivery and serving the people and I invite you all to judge me on the results.

Source: Zambia Reports.