Zambia: Govt Promotes Industrial Clusters

THE Government says it is promoting the development of industrial clusters across the country aimed at stimulating enterprise development based on the value chains approach especially in rural areas.

Gender Deputy Minister, Dorothy Kazunga said the intiative was a strategy for creating jobs and wealth among Zambians.

Ms Kazunga was speaking at Mwamba village of Mbala district when she presented a new tractor to the cooperative women of Chief Mwamba’s chiefdom.

She said the focus of the strategy was to use the agricultural value chains primarily based on crops and livestock production.

Ms Kazunga said that the government is ready to work with the local people to ensure that markets were accessible.

She said the government was also ensuring that the pieces of equipment were provided and capital was available for the local people to engage in production and be able to add value for increased profitability.

Ms Kazunga said the Agricultural Development and Value Chain Enhance (ADVANCE) project identified 20 commodities for production and value addition.

Source: The Times of Zambia.