Zambia: Gospel Singer Says Hichilema’s Call for Black Friday Is Satanic

Popular gospel artiste turned pastor BJ Ngosa says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s alleged association with a cult Freemason is the inspiration behind today’s call for Black Friday.

Ngosa has accused Hichilema of being an anti-Christ promoting everything that was against the foundation of Zambia as a Christian nation.

He warned that those participating in Black Friday may unknowingly be initiated into satanism in the name of supporting UPND.



From the time Edgar came into power all he has ever done is to call on all the people of Zambia to call on the name of the Lord… it is so amazing and so surprising that a man associated with FREEMASONS a cult that is against Christianity and all that it represents can today call the whole nation but to have a black Friday and after all we have gone through with the ritual killings. Now their target is the nation? We cancel!


Like red which stands for blood which is the colour of his party, black in all its significance would mean… sin, death and darkness. None of these elements in meaning ever represent the light or the brightness of the gospel as the scriptures to which Zambia is associated as a Christian Nation.

Before you start dressing yourself in darkness here is a thought you should bare in mind. You are the salt of the world a light set on a hill, you have been set apart to show forth his light. Let your light so shine that the world… the people propelling you to celebrate dark Friday may see.

Here is my last point children of God, the people that are calling for (black) Dark Friday have always shunned away from prayers and when others are praying they keep their eyes open because they can’t stand prayer. Do not be misled you may find yourself and your children initiated into devil worshiping and pay the price that you will not be able redeem. You don’t fight light with darkness it’s only darkness that fights light with darkness.

Zambia is a Christian Nation and as such we have nothing to do with darkness so we bind everything from the pit of hell and we cancel every effort from the underworld propelled by those who don’t love the light.

Source: Zambia Reports