Zambia: GBM Is a ‘Kapala’ – He Beats His Wife – President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has cautioned the people of Northern Province not to fall for Geoffrey Mwamba’s claim that he is popular and can deliver development in Northern Province.

President Lungu also described as a total falsehood, claims by Mwamba that he was pivotal in the formation and founding of the Patriotic Front (PF) initially led by the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

“Uyu kapala ale mi bepa ati ewa chitile fund party,” President Lungu said, “ale mibepa he is nothing but a liar the people that were at the formation of the party are people like Mr Samuel Mukupa, Mr Chishimba Kambwili not uyu kapala… he is a liar and carries no clout.”

The head of state said in the local Bemba language which he speaks with utmost ease despite originally hailing from Eastern Province meaning “Do not be cheated by Mwamba and his self-perceived importance and claims that he helped fund PF… he is nothing but a liar who was not even there at the formation of the party.”

President Lungu said Mwamba is practically still “stewing” in hate for having been convincingly whacked by Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda when he first contested the Kabwata parliamentary seat despite having heavily funded the lost campaign.

The PF later on through President Sata took pity for “loser” Mwamba and heavily campaigned for him to run in Kasama where he for the first time became a Member of Parliament due to the grace of the late President Sata.

President Lungu who in the past has questioned UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s judgement call because of his decision to anoint Mwamba a running mate largely due to the maverick truckers documented history of violence against his wife Chama, sister in law and workers also took time to root for his running mate Mrs Inonge Wina.

“I am confident that if anything happened to me Mrs Wina would be a great President because she is not very different from me,” President Lungu said, “batila ichikwanka bachimwena kuma mpalanya (meaning you can tell a person by the company he or she keeps.”

Mr Mwamba’s fantastically violent background is well documented in the defunct Post newspaper even though UPND stalwarts such as Gary Nkhombo, Jack Mwiimbu and Cornelius Mweetwa have failed to discuss the thorny issue with Mr Hichilema.

Hichilema’s association to violence and the botched privatisation programme that saw many Zambians lose jobs has, however, not escaped the attention of other senior PF members such as Mr Lubinda and deputy chair of elections lawyer Kelvin Bwalya.

The silence of NGOCC, Women’s Lobby Group and church women bodies on Mwamba’s violent history, however, has remained an issue of concern to the PF campaign team.

“It is sad to note that the LAZ and other groups that are often talkative about rights and quick to condemn the government for one reason or another have remained mute regarding a man who settles differences with his wife using vioelence,” Mr Lubinda, the Agriculture Minister said.

Mr Kelvin Bwalya said Zambian women voters must think twice before voting for Mwamba because, “a vote for M Mwamba is effectively endorsing violence. Mr Mwamba’s history of violence, beating up his wife on a daily basis including his wife’s sister is a well-documented fact. It is something I would not endorse if I was a Zambian woman.”

The head of state said Mwamba is a “loser” who must not be taken seriously on a national scale because siding with him could have dire consequences.

President Lungu wound up his Mungwi rally by promising more development for the area in return for the Northern Province continued unwavering support. “It is an undeniable fact that your support ought to be rewarded.”

President Lungu later held another rally at Kasama’s Gold Club that got filled to capacity after scares that the Independence Square would not hold the heavy crowd without possible causalities.

Source: Zambia Reports.