Zambia Gay and Lesbian leaders in Sweden for fundraising

A group of  well know Zambian gay and lesbian leaders  have traveled to Stockholm Sweden , to attend a fundraising event called the Rainbow leadership program.

During the visit the Group hopes to raise some funds from various  donors from Southern Africa that are still attending the event.

It has been stated that the groups hope to raise enough resources in order to implement their projects and activities in Zambia of promoting gay rights.

The faction, left for Sweden nearly two weeks ago, and is expected to arrive back in the country next week on Friday.

According to sources, the group  has so far raised about $41,000 and is being represented by its Leaders Chengo Chintu,  Prince Masiwe, Juliette Mpanda, and Chalwa Renner .

Earlier these year Home affairs Minister Edgar Lungu was quoted as having stated “those who are advocating for gay rights should go to hell!  That is not an issue we will tolerate” the Minister had said.

This latest development comes as a result of, a  raise in a number of homosexuality practices  in Zambia, which has been exasperated by the high poverty and unemployment rates .

Kabwe Mwansa, aged 18 of house number 7840 Kaunda Square stage one Lusaka , recently narrated how he was lured into homosexual practices upon having met with the leaders of the group who at the time had just returned from another fundraising trip in South Africa in 2012.

He narrated how the leaders of the gay community in Zambia promised, him ,that they would pay for his school fees, provide him with subsistence allowance to assist him support his struggling parents and above secure himself a brighter future. If he slept with some men .

Later the boy decided to confess to his parents, after he was questioned as to where he was getting money to buy all the clothing that he had acquired when his parents were unable to provide him with fancy things.

The matter has since been reported to  Emmasidale  Police station where a docket has been opened pending the further investigations upon the alleged perpetrators arrival in Zambia next week where they shall officially be charged.

Meanwhile International Fellowship of Christian Churches ( IFCC) President Simon Chihana has strongly condemned those  promoting gay rights in Zambia.

“Gay rights should not be allowed in Zambia, ‘Such kind of acts are  an  abomination’  The government should not even think of  allowing such, no matter the pressure from the International Community or what so ever,” said Bishop Chihana.