Zambia: FR Bwalya Claims Hichilema Is ‘Dull’, Can’t Debate Pres. Lungu

PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has responded to the challenge by opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema to square off with President Edgar Lungu in a live television debate ahead of the August 11 president election.

Bwalya says its a waste of time to debate with Hichilema.


My response to HH calling ECL to a debate.

We shall never allow our good leader to debate with a bitter man who radiates hatred and satanic envy. HH says if Zambians chose presidents through exams he would have become president a long time ago. He has it all wrong. In fact HH is a dull chap who has just leant to parrot some accounting and economic fundamentals. So in short we won’t expose our good leader to negative energy from a man who wants to set Zambia on fire just to become President.

Let HH continue boasting about how well he can embarrass himself calling it good debate why Edgar continues to lead our country. And after 11 August he will have a big problem. Some around him are saying if he wins they lose but if he loses they win because then they can take over from this failure who has also become a big liar.

Source: Zambia Reports