Zambia: Deal With Your ZRA Issues, Not Me, Siliya Tells the Post

Energy minister Dora Siliya has responded to The Post Newspaper after its narrative on her views regarding the circulation of a picture of a UPND cadre Mapenzi Chibulo.

Siliya had urged people not abuse the picture through a whatsapp group called Pink, but The Post carried an article suggesting she was scared circulating the picture was a negative to the ruling party.


Many have asked me why I never sue the Post even after the lies they tell about me. First it was that I insulted President Sata, an issue late President Sata and I cleared when we met in 2012. Second it was that I referred to my ex husband in a derogatory manner in 2011 campaigns. There have been many other lies with the latest being an intrusion on our PF Pink chat group.

The truth is I was so disturbed by the picture of the poor dead Lady I felt it was DISRESPECTFUL to be circulating her picture in that manner. Of course the POST is still so desparate that they believe using my name will win them favour in the UPND or even earn them the much needed cash they need to pay ZRA. Its why I dont sue as I have known that the Post has much bigger problems than me. Besides they lost their clout ages ago and are just a Gossip circulation now. I wrote on my FB that day of the UPND riots that no amount of provocation should lead to violence as there are enough words to address any situation sternly. And there many examples in the World.

As PF Pink, the female youth wing of the PF,we were very disturbed that politics, a competition of development ideas can lead to death of a young Woman. But its even worse to see the Post abuse her death by lying about why I asked that PF Pink stops circulating the picture of the dead person. There was no winner on that day. We all lost and its why President Lungu called for peace once again. May God continue to bless Zambia.

Source: Zambia Reports