Zambia At 50 – Let’s Embrace Science Revolution

ZAMBIA is now 50 years old (1964- 2014) and there is nothing to show for it in terms of scientific innovations, inventions and discoveries to solve our problems like poverty, HIVAIDS, malaria, cancer etc.

Why is it that most of our problems are solved by scientists outside Zambia and Africa when we are the worst affected? Who is to blame? Is it the Government or our attitude towards research?

For 50 years, we have been at the receiving end of cutting edge technology without any significant contribution to it.

Embarrassingly, our definition of genius in Zambia is 6 points and A+s in all subjects.

But what step can that make to national development? Nothing!

Isaac Newton was not very good in class but he made the principles of mechanics, formulated the law of universal gravitation, and separated white light into colours and invented differential and integral calculus.

Therefore, as we enter the next 50 years, let us all embrace science and technology revolution through research to solve our problems in all areas like medicine for quality health delivery, military engineering for enhanced national defence, and agriculture for enhanced food security, and support our own geniuses like Dr Ludwig Sondashi and his quest to prove the cure for HIVAIDS, Professor Philip Nkunika (UNZA) who has pioneered termite research in Zambia and few more.

The current Government has shown great commitment to revolutionise science and technology through research as outlined in its Manifesto on page 41.

It’s up to you and I to show the commitment with love.

May God bless Zambia forever!


CBU (Final-year student)

Thumbs up to Govt for Michael Sata Bridge

THE completion and commissioning of the Michael Sata Bridge by the Government is commendable as this is an addition to many already completed and commissioned projects that have continued adding value to our nation.

Just on Sunday again, Chavuma District came alive to the ‘dream come true’ when the Rural Electrification Authority commissioned the electrification project which included lighting a chief’s palace among others.

All this is taking place in short interval periods and this shows President Sata and his Government’s willingness and appetite in aancing people’s needs.

While this is happening though, there are political arguments that most projects were the brains of the MMD.

My assumption is though totally different in that when you are a leader, you should always strive to claim ownership to projects happening at your time failure to which your cries become baseless and useless.

Why then were the projects not implemented, completed and commissioned in those many years of service only to merit the incumbent if not for leadership failure? Who is to blame for the invisible claimed projects if not yourselves?

That is why I always say a good decision made but late is as good as a bad one.

I, therefore, commend the PF Government for the ongoing infrastructural growth countrywide and urge the Government not to relent but go flat out to implement, complete and commission all its projects going on before 2016 and claim ownership than come to cry foul 20 years down the line the way other parties are crying.


ChingolaFAZ should revise gate charges

ALLOW me space to comment on the gate charges for the Zambia versus Sudan friendly slated for August 31, 2014 at the newly-constructed ultra-modern National Heroes Stadium.

Much as it is appreciated that this is one way of raising funds by FAZ, I still feel the charges being pegged at K80 all round except for the VIP (K500) is on the higher side and somewhat unfair.

Especially that this is a friendly, FAZ should have split the charges across the various stands of the stadium as has been the case at Estadio de Levy Mwanawasa starting with as low as K20 going up.

Besides, the sitting capacity of the Heroes Stadium is 60,000. Can we honestly fill up the stadium to the rafters at such charges when we have never filled up Levy Mwanawasa of lesser capacity at much lower charges?

I am not saying the ultimate aim is to fill the stadium to capacity but it is an important factor too.

Maybe FAZ is trying to take aantage of the huge population of Lusaka and its economic status in the country.

All in all, my point is that gate charge at K80 is expensive, especially that it is the first match for the senior national team in the new stadium and everyone must be accommodated and given a chance to watch.

My appeal to Faz is to consider lowering charges at various rates across the stadium in the forthcoming qualifiers as the team needs massive support.

All the best to coach Janza and the team in their quest to qualify for Afcon 2015.



Source : The Times of Zambia

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