Zambeef burns imported beef products and stops imports

imageZambeef has announced the decision to stop importing beef products.

The company has also destroyed all the imported products that was recalled from its shops for allegedly containing the chemical, formaldehyde.

Zambeef Board Chairperson Jacob Mwanza said at its Huntley Farm in Chisamba on Wednesday that the company will start dealing with local beef products.

Dr. Mwanza said the measure which was effected in June 2013 was taken after consultations with the Ministry of Health.

The Board Chairperson also led officials from the Ministry of Health, Zambia National Farmers Union , and the media in burning the affected meat products which was recalled from its stores.

And Zambia National Farmers Union president Jervis Zimba has commended Zambeef for destroying the contaminated meat products and assured the public that the company is now selling local beef products.

Zimba has urged consumers to trust the company by putting the events of the past weeks behind.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Spokesperson Kamoto Mbewe has urged Zambeef to adhere to Public Health regulations.