Young Lozis impress Scott at Kuomboka

LITUNGA Lubosi Imwiko was given a thunderous and festive reception when he alighted from his royal barge, the Nalikwanda, at Limulunga’s Nayuma harbour during last Saturday’s Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozi people.

And Vice-President Guy Scott, who was the guest of honour at the heavily policed traditional event, said he was greatly impressed by the manner in which young Lozis were embracing their tradition and custom.

A huge and ecstatic crowd lined up both banks of the Nayuma canal and the whole place broke into applause, ululations and dance when the Nalikwanda docked shortly before 19:00 hours. Part of the crowd escorted the Nalikwanda a few kilometres from the harbour and they assisted in pushing it out of an area where the paddlers had encountered low water levels.