You did donch kubeba on us Mr. Sata but God will hold you accountable – Catholic Priest

I remember September 20, 2011….I was still in priesthood by then but, I even dodged seminary to go celebrate Michael Sata’s election like an idiot…even danced donch Kubeba and drunk some free beers.
I thought the messiah in black skin had arrived… let me make a statement, sometimes we are docile in the name of “leaders are chosen by God” when the bible was being written there were no ballot boxes, leaders where chosen by God, nowadays leaders are chosen by our foolishness, our shortsightedness or cowardice and our dullness in believing rhetoric…. donch kubeba was a slogan meaning betray the one who is trying to buy you.
Without doubting, Mr. Sata has done Donch Kubeba on us…..he has betrayed the dreams of ordinary youth like me who are trying to make it alone and learn to stand on our two feet.
We will judge you by your actions Mr President, not your words. I am tempted to think you just wanted to make a name that you had been Zambian President, you have all of a sudden turned into a deaf-mute. Its like all the good things you promised was just a promise in the dark. 2016 I doubt you will stand but you will leave confusion.
May God hold you accountable for your actions.
By Mwaba Mutale