You are lying, learn to use OP, Dickson Jere tells Sakeni


Dear All,

I have just read a statement by Hon. Kennedy Sakeni, MP, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services who is also official Government Spokesman regarding the opposition press briefing in South Africa.

The statement alleges that I, Dickson Jere, accompanied former President Mr. Rupiah Banda to South Africa on the 6th of February 2013.  This is a total fabrication.

I have not been on any trip with President Banda since August last year as I am currently engaged in a busy and time-consuming occupation. Hon Sakeni and his office should learn to use the Office of the President (Special Division) or OP to help verify information before issuing any official statements. I challenge the Minister to tell the nation which flight was I with President Banda? Flight time?

In fact, I have been informed that President Banda was in Chipata on the said 6th of February and only returned to Lusaka on the 7th. Since his bodyguards are from Zambia Police, ask them if they were in South Africa on the 6th as alleged.  President Banda only left for South Africa on the 8th when I was in Zambia!

Strangely, all media houses decided to publish my name without even verifying the information, which Hon. Sakeni provided in his statement. Please clarify this misinformation.