You are a mad confused Priest, move out of that Radio, Kambwili tells Fr. Bwalya

You are a confused mad Priest, Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili told Outspoken Catholic Priest Fr. Frank Bwalya who was featuring on a live Radio Talk Show Friday morning.

Contributing to the programme hosted by Phoenix, a Lusaka based private Radio station, Chishimba who is also ruling PF National Youth Chairman made the remarks when he telephoned during the programme.

“Ba Farther, you are a friend of mine,” Chishimba started his contribution. But Fr. Bwalya refused that he was not his friend. He said his friends show civility in their behavour.

At this point, Kambwili continued his contribution telling Fr. Bwalya not to mislead the people that President Michael Sata and PF had failed. He told him to be ashamed of himself.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. You are too confused, don’t mislead the people,” said Kambwili.

Kambwili wondered how Fr. Bwalya would today tell people that Hakainde Hichilema (opposition UPND leader) was good.

“Today you can say Bowman Lusambo (MMD Youth Cordinator) is a good person? Today you can say Hichilema is good?” wondered Kambwili as Fr. Bwalya chipped in saying ‘yes.’

The Minister told Fr. Bwalya that he was too ambitious wanting to be President of Zambia. He revealed that when he was removed from Foreign Affairs, Fr. Bwalya went to talk to him that they were popular and should form a political party.

“You told me to resign from PF that we are popular and should form a political party,” Kambwili said. “Wilabepa abantu (Don’t cheat people), you are just a confused priest.”

Kambwili told Fr. Bwalya that he should not be deceived by regular caller to the programme like Muchindu encouraging him. He said radio callers like Muchindu were always fond of criticizing the PF.

The Minister said the PF government was doing so well and had initiated a number of projects that will create jobs. He said the removal of fuel subsidy would benefit many people as they were only a few people driving.

He went to say that after three years because of the results of the PF programmes people will have nothing to criticize government on.

Kambwili told Fr. Bwalya that he will not succeed in political ambition urging him to go back to Priesthood.

He alleged that Fr. Bwalya was bitter because the PF did not do anything about the Bailiff raising a fifa for Fr. Bwalya’s property. He said the PF did not come into government to help individuals.

“You are just too ambitious, remove yourself from that radio. You are mad,” Kambwili charged before hanging up.

In response, Fr. Bwalya said Kambwili had just finished himself politically by the sarcastic remarks he made on the radio. He said people will now be able to know him for what he is.

“What kind of leadership is this,” wondered Fr. Bwalya.

Fr. Bwalya said if indeed Kambwili was a friend as he claimed, he would have invited him home rather than speaking the way he did on Radio. He retaliated his earlier statement that Hichilema, Mumba were good people and he will work with them.

The Catholic Priest who said he had given a yellow card to President Sata and PF vowed to meet Kambwili in the field.