You a pretender secretly working to be president, Mulongoti tells Kabimba

Newly formed People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has plainly told Patriotic Front General Secretary Wynter Kabimba that he is a pretender who was secretly working to ascender to the presidency of the country.

Mulongoti told Kabimba who is also Justice Minister when the two leaders were hosted on a live ZNBC programme called National Watch on Tuesday night, April 16, 2013 monitored by Zambian Eye.

This was after Kabimba said he was surprised with Mulongoti’s politics where he says can only serve as President or Vice. He said such type of politics are not for service to people adding that it is an insult to say can only serve specific positions.

But Mulongoti charged that Kabimba was frustrating and haunting leaders from PF he sees as obstruct to his presidential ambition. He told the PF General Secretary that members in his party were not happy with him.

At this point Kabimba chipped in and asked Mulongoti whether all members were happy with him when he served in the MMD. But Mulongoti went on and said PF had a seating president who was also the Head of State despite Kabimba and his team’s moves to ascend to the presidency.

In response, Kabimba said he did not say what Mulongoti was accusing him of unlike him who was on record of saying would only serve as President or Vice.

“You are putting words in my mouth, but you just said that you can only serve as Vice President or President” Kabimba said.

About Mulongoti campaigning for PF, Kabimba explained that he was considered as a political refugee fleeing from the civil war in MMD and needed to campaign against it for his survival. He said Mulongoti never joined PF and said had Rupiah Banda won the elections he could have found a case against him and throw him into prison.

Kabimba explained that Mulongoti had the cause to fight Banda and the MMD hence the PF accommodated him. He added that the PF was still observing Mulongoti just like any other members before engaging him in  anything saying he has now ‘failed’ the exam by forming his party.

But Mulongoti expressed surprise that he had to be observed or scrutinized secretly by the PF when they campaigned together as Comrades. He however said PF was not his next political move as the ruling party has many difficulties.

He charged that in PF positions are on appointment by President Sata and not elective as it is suppose to be in a political party that believes in democracy. He said this has made appointees not to speak with an independent mind.

Mulongoti told Kabimba that he was a beneficiary of patronage as his ascendancy to the positions he current occupies of General Secretary and Justice Minister were appointed by President Sata. He said Kabimba had never been elected.

The PP president said he has vast experience in government and was one of the founders of MMD and FDD. Mulongoti explained that he had helped others to ascend to the presidency saying it was now his time. He said his record in government was clean and that if he had stolen Banda would instructed for his arrest at the time he was campaigning for PF.

Mulongoti told Kabimba that the PF should not be deceived by the recent results of the by-elections saying people were not happy. He said it is easy for government to mobilize during by-elections and not a general election.

“If a general election is called today, you will be shocked,” charged Mulongoti after Kabimba said his party was popular as evidenced from the results from the by-elections and Members of Parliament from the opposition joining PF.

He said the PF promised a lot and have not bothered to go back to the people to explain their failures to deliver on their campaign promises.