Yes, we MPs have failed you, agrees MP Mulusa

Lawmaker for the opposition MMD in Solwezi Central Luck Mulusa has agreed that Members of Parliament to some extent have failed the electorates who sent them to Parliament.

Reacting to the Zambian Eye’s this week’s article by Lwanzi Milimo suggesting that MPs should have impeached President Michael Sata a long time for having violated the constitution, Mulusa stated:

“Lwanzi, your lamentation is justified and your views are well premised. Yes its true, we the MPs have failed the people of Zambia in more ways than one. MCS should have been impeached a long time ago. However, to impeach a President, a third of the MPs (53) need to sign a petition addressed to the Speaker for an impeachment motion to be tabled.

When the motion is tabled, a minimum of 106 MPs (two thirds) must support the motion for it to pass. I hope you understand that Sata after realising that this might happen, embarked from day one, on recruiting MPs from the opposition while keeping his own on a tight noose. This means that assuming we are able to get the 53 MPs to petition the Speaker to table the motion, we cannot under the circumstances achieve the 106 two thirds majority to impeach him. He has shielded himself. However, if the House of PF crumbles and they want to kick him out, I am sure he can, for the good of the people, depart like yesterday.”