Writing is on the wall, HH is the next president – UPND Copperbelt

The writing is on the wall that opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is the next president, Copperbelt Province Chairman Elisha Mutambo has said.

Mutambo explains that those saying Hakainde commonly known as HH will never rule Zambia will be shocked as it is now clear that he is the in-coming Head of State. He said no one can determine the future apart from God and those saying HH will not rule should learn from the history.

He said the same was said of the current president Michael Sata that he would never lead Zambia. Mutambo said results from the current held by-elections says it all that HH and UPND will be the only hope and option for the country.

While in Choma yesterday, April 24, President Sata said HH will never rule Zambia because he is a ‘baby’ in politics. He said even if he died today HH would not ascend to power.

President Sata said HH cannot rule with only Southern Province adding that he needed the support of other provinces.

But currently UPND has Members of Parliament in Western, North Western, Central and Southern provinces. The party also reclaimed a seat in the by-election yesterday previously held by MMD in a tightly contested poll which the PF had wanted to win at all cost.

The performance of UPND in Kapiri Mposhi where PF won with about a 1000 votes show that the party has gained support in the area. This was in the backdrop of bribery by PF including one where it’s cadre was caught with K13.4 million distributing to voters at a polling station.