Workers’ protest paralyse Taj Pamodzi Hotel

Operations at the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka were on Thursday grounded to a halt after Unionized workers staged a protest demanding increase in their salaries.
Management and few causal workers were found attending to clients.
The workers who were found sitting at the Hotel’s car park area said they want management to give them a 50% increament or rise their salaries to atleast K2,000 across the board.
The workers bemaoned that they were not getting enough money as they were getting about K1,200 per month.
Irvin Mwansa Kupe who spoke on behalf of other workers explained that the biggest hotel in Zambia is subjecting its workers to slaves by giving them penalts.
He said the money which the workers are getting is too small to survive with especilly with the hard economical situation which has been caused by the removal of subsidies.
Mwansa Kupe also claimed that management has refused to give them better salaries but have instead offered them K200 as increment which the workers have rejected.
He said there was no way the zambian who do the same work could be getting K1,200 when Indians who are brought in as expariats and doing the same jobs are getting over K20,000 with other incentives like free accomodation, food and weekend allowances which even Zambian managers can not get.
The workers said the protests at the hotel has greatly affected works as some guests were forced to check out while other clients werre forced to abandoned their programmes because of this.
The workers who vowed not to return to work until their demands are met wrote a placard with inscription “Ba Sata please help us we are one”.
Management refused to coment of the matter opting to promise issuing a statement.