Workers applaud Sata for threatening KCM

Miners at the embattled Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) have cheered President Michael Sata after he threatened to revoke the license of the Copper giant firm if it went ahead laying off workers.

Some Miners talked to said they were happy with President Sata’s threats yesterday, November 4, 2013 that he will revoke the mining licence from KCM  even it laid off one worker.

“I think the pronouncements by President Sata are welcome, this  is  the type of the leader we want,” said Sydney Mpundu are miner.

Mpundu said KCM has made huge profits from the time it started operating in Zambia at the expense of Zambians and wondered why they should now dump Zambians.

Last week KCM announced that it was with immediate effect cutting off  over  1, 500 jobs in line with its continued restructuring of operations.

And Labour Deputy Minster Rayford Mbulu says government will not allow investors to create artificial destitution in the country.

Commenting on the planned job cuts, Mbulu who is also Kalulushi constituency Member of Parliament said the PF government will fight to see to it that no miner loses employment at KCM.

Mbulu said it was so embarrassing for KCM to create unemployment in the country by laying off about 1500 workers.

“It is embarrassing for KCM to plan to layoff workers, when this government, the PF government was built on the basis of creating employment for Zambian people,” Mbulu said.