Woman injures husband’s manhood during quarrel

A Mpulungu housewife on Sunday attempted to cut off her husband’s manhood during a quarrel over sex.

Yvonne Mwekwa injured her after he forced her to make love.

Chisanza village headman Samson Sikazwe confirmed the development, saying Derrick Muziya, 39, was nearly killed after his wife attempted to slice his private parts in the early hours of Sunday.

He said Muziya shouted for help when his wife attacked him.

Sikazwe said Muziya wanted to make love to his wife but she refused, prompting him to forcibly remove her underwear.

He said Muziya was pushed to the floor whilst crying and she reached for his private parts, which she attempted to cut off.

Sikazwe said Muziya’s private parts were badly injured by his wife.

He said Mwekwa vowed to slice Muziya’s manhood due to the sexual harassment she had experienced at his hands.

Sikazwe said he rushed to the scene and found Muziya gasping.  

He said he failed to rescue Muziya until other people helped.