Witness in Masebo Tribunal says Hunting concession tendering process was above board

Sylvia Masebo

Sylvia Masebo

A Tribunal investigating allegations of professional misconduct against Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo continued Tuesday, with the first witness testifying.

The Witness told the Tribunal that the tendering process for the hunting concession cancelled by the Minister was transparent and above board.

Qfm Radio reports that James Milanzi a former Chairman of the Evaluation Committee told the tribunal that officers from the office of the President and Anti Corruption Commission including members of the community resource boards were all present during the tendering Process.

Mr. Milanzi said that despite the Minister discrediting the tendering process for the hunting concession it was above board.

He also told the tribunal that he was shocked to learn that he was not fired considering that other senior Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers were dismissed by Ms Masebo over the hunting concession.

And another witness, former ZAWA Wildlife Research officer, Rose Chivumba told the Tribunal that Tourism Minister had a separate advisory committee on the tendering process, which is supposed to be the job of the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA).

Ms Chivumba testified that one of the members of the Committee advising Ms Masebo was a bidder for the hunting licenses.

She also told the tribunal that she learnt of her dismissal while mourning her husband.