With court judgment against Kachingwe’s action, Chituwo calls on all MMD members to rally behind Nevers Mumba

The opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has said that it has been vindicated by the court judgment that nullified the invalidation of Dr. Nevers Mumba’s election.
On Monday, the high court ruled against major Richard kachingwe invalidation of Nevers Mumba as party president.
MMD vice president for administration, Brian Chituwo said that he is now hopeful that the court judgment will put to rest all desires by some politicians to ruin the party.
Dr. Chituwo said that it should now be realized that the country only has one genuine MMD under the leadership of Dr. Nevers Mumba.
Speaking at a media briefing, Dr. Chituwo said that Major Richard Kachingwe’s move to nullify the election of Dr. Mumba only shows the highest order of indiscipline.
He said that it is good that the court nullified the invalidation because it is nowhere in the party constitution.
Dr. Chituwo has since called on all party members to unity and rally behind party president, Dr. Nevers Mumba.